Caral Automotive manufacturers a range of exciting sports and racing cars.

Ranging from the Caral VXS-Sport which is available as a customer conversion for the GM VX220/Speedster aluminium chassis cars.

The Caral VXS-Sport cars feature an increased wheelbase and track to handle the power of the GM 2.8l V6 turbo engine and 6 speed gearbox. The all new mechanicals are clothed in a lightweight composite "GT" style bodywork.

Caral Automotive is also currently developing its own sportscar based on revised VXS-Sport styling with its own chassis and carbon fibre bodywork and fitted with the outstanding Jaguar 4.2l V8  supercharged engine modifed to produce in excess of 450bhp and mated to a Getrag 6 speed close ratio transaxle in classic longitudinal mid engine installation.

We are also able to supply the Jaguar supercharged engine as a turn key option for component car builders or as a conversion for S3 and later models of the Lotus Esprit. The package includes engine wiring loom, ECU, adaptor plate, flywheel and clutch.

The company also specilises in one off customer cars, including sportscars inspired by the Lotus Elise GT1 V8 road and race cars of the 1990. Cars have based on S1 and S2 Elise models, engineered  to accept either the Jaguar V8 supercharged engine or GM V6 power.

More information is available here, or please email us at or phone us on 0845 346 7666 to discuss your requirements